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#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress has accused the Center of pursuing a policy of revenge against Alapana Banerjee for the BJP’s defeat in the state elections. This was demanded by MPs Saugat Roy and Sukhendushekhar Roy at a press conference at Trinamool Bhaban on the same day. The ruling party alleges that IS-IPS officers in the state are being harassed for obstructing the work of the state government. For this, Saugatbabu also pointed a finger directly at Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sukhendushekhar Roy also claimed that no such departmental inquiry could be conducted against any retired IAS officer.

Yesterday, Monday, the Union Ministry of Personnel sent a stern letter to Alapan Bandyopadhyay, the former chief secretary of the state and now the chief adviser to the chief minister, alleging breach of discipline. Failure to respond to the letter within 30 days or appearing in person against the relevant authorities has also been warned against unilateral action. Witnesses’ statements have even been heard to investigate the allegations against Alapan

In this context, Trinamool MP Saugat Roy said, “This politics of the BJP is a politics of revenge. After a humiliating defeat in West Bengal, the BJP is trying to disrupt the functioning of the state government. Alapana Bandyopadhyay was working during Corona Atimari Then the central government accused him of breach of discipline The central government is not allowing our most honest bureaucrats to work well It is very sad Department of Personnel and Training Office under the Prime Minister 7 As a result, we have to assume that what is happening is happening at the direction of the Prime Minister And because of that we are seeing this cruel behavior Last week, the former chief secretary had a miscarriage It is unthinkable that something like this can be done in such a situation ‘

Saugat Roy added, “When he was given a show cause notice on May 31, he retired. The first allegation against the conversation was that he and the Chief Minister made the Prime Minister wait for 15 minutes in a meeting The Chief Minister had earlier said that they could not leave Sagardwip due to bad weather And it is too late to get permission to fly a helicopter Because then the Prime Minister’s plane was supposed to land in Kalaikunda The Chief Minister also informed the Prime Minister Apart from that, the Chief Minister’s schedule to visit the Yas disaster area by air was pre-arranged He also informed the Prime Minister about that Another allegation against Alapana Banerjee is that she did not attend the meeting of the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Management Authority. For this, charges have been brought against him under the Disaster Management Act But this allegation is very weak because the Chief Minister is the head of the state’s disaster management department And there the chief secretary is the chairperson of the executive committee The Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary are in charge of dealing with disasters It is ridiculous to accuse them of obstructing such a meeting. “

The Trinamool claimed that Banerjee was working under the state government on May 26 when he was directed to go to Delhi to join the work. Saugat Babu 7 has also complained that this is against the rules The Trinamool MP also questioned the legitimacy of the directive given to Alapana Banerjee to go to Delhi to join the work. Saugat Babu argued that no posting was given to Alapana Banerjee in the letter. Saugat Roy also claimed that the central government cannot force any officer in this way Saugat also claimed that the law says that the state government should be consulted before calling any officer.

The Dumdum MP complained, “The sole purpose of such an order from the Center is to disturb the state officials and prevent them from working independently.” Remind them that the center is breathing near the neck It is not desirable The federal structure is weakening in what the Center is doing with Alapanbabu IAS APS officers get constitutional powers What was done to the former chief secretary of the state there was unjust, unjust, cruel, inhumane. What Alapan Babu will do, whether he will go to court or not, is his subject But on behalf of the party, we are protesting. “

In a similar vein, Trinamool chief whip in the Rajya Sabha Sukhendushekhar Roy complained against the Center, saying no departmental inquiry could be launched against a retired IAS officer without allegations of financial misconduct. Sukhendushekhar Babu said, “After this, an investigation will be started against any officer who retired twenty years ago with allegations of breach of discipline.”

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