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Kolkata: The BJP is sitting in the first state committee meeting after losing the vote. What steps will Padma Shibir take to tidy the house? What will be the outline of the movement? The leaders of Padma Shibir will fix that Only ৭৭ 7 has joined the fight with the target of 200 Activists in various parts of the state are alleging post-poll violence. From Alipurduar to Birbhum– Many leaders and activists are leaving the party after the vote. In this situation, the BJP state committee will meet on June 29

Assembly elections: BJP’s state committee meeting is being held after some days due to the cowardly situation. Leaders of the Padma Shiv Sena said that the meeting was significant enough after the turnout. BJP All India President JP Nadda will virtually attend the meeting JP Nadda will address the state committee leaders State President Dilip Ghosh will give a speech Shuvendu Adhikari will address as the Leader of the Opposition

Central observer Arvind Menon, BJP sources said that Shiv Prakash will be there, the main target of the leaders now is to remove the party’s dilemma after the defeat. BJP leaders can take multiple steps towards that goal In many areas, BJP workers are accused of being homeless BJP’s challenge is to return homeless workers The BJP has filed lawsuits at the district level, providing legal aid to workers, rehabilitating workers, protesting at the central level. Increasing the program at the district level is now the target of Padma Shibir

As soon as the vote was over, the BJP organization started disintegrating. As the leaders are changing flags, they are changing parties with apologies and oaths. BJP leaders claim that some of the lower level workers are leaving the party due to lack of security in the districts. This trend can be stopped by speedy legal action and rehabilitation. According to the source, the plan is aimed at that The state BJP may announce its next program in the wake of the workers’ side program at the village level, renewed movement on local demands and natural disasters, helping the people in extreme cases. Following the BJP’s rules, state general secretary (organization) Amitabh Chakraborty will announce the program. As the Leader of the Opposition, Shuvendu Adhikari will also discuss the upcoming program. Mukul Roy has left the party. The stronghold of the party was broken at Alipurduar. There have also been protests against party leaders in many areas … Padma Shibir activists are watching what BJP leaders do to tidy up their houses.

Reporter: Arup Dutta

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