Exciting information about fake IAS, vaccine from matching bagri!

#Kolkata: Vaccine camp was in full swing on Tuesday night. On the same day, a vaccination camp was suddenly organized. MP Mimi Chakraborty was the chief guest at the camp. There, after Mimi Chakraborty was vaccinated, her suspicions grew and several incidents took place. No message came even after Mimi Chakraborty was vaccinated. He thinks he needs a certificate as he has not done mobile massage or registration. Even after learning about the fake IAS, he said that it will be found later. After hearing this from the MP, the suspicion was raised and the Kasba police station was called. When the police of Kasba police station came and asked some questions to IAS and Joint Commissioner Debanjan Dev, some inconsistencies came up. He was interrogated at the police station for a long time based on that source.

The police can know from the first answer of the question that Devanjan Dev is not an IAS at all. In order to monitor it in a more accurate way, news was taken from the health department and Navanna. Since there was no search for Debanjan Deb from different quarters, the police may know that it is a fake IAS. People from different areas of Sonarpur and South 24 Parganas have been vaccinated at the Kasbar office. No person’s name was registered and the certificate did not match with the vaccine. According to police sources, Debanjan could not pass the IAS exam. Meanwhile, his father knew that Devanjan was still studying.

Is the vaccine correct? With this question, he was asked where did the match come from? Debanjan told the police that the vaccine was found in private and from Bagri market. The police were practically shocked to hear that the vaccine was available in Bagri market. According to police sources, after studying Khabar MSC, he used to introduce fake IAS from 2016. He also rented cars, changed cars with lights and cars with government stickers. When he was produced in the Alipore court on Wednesday, Debanjan Dev was remanded in police custody till the 29th.

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