Gyaneswari Incident Case: Sister Mahua absent from work for last two days due to leak of Amritavar Kirti

#Kolkata: As many stems, all over the seals. Although Amritav’s sister is not found. Where did he go? Mystery is forming here too. Eleven years ago, Amritav Chowdhury ‘died’ in Gyaneshwari Kand. His family also received such compensation. ‘Dead’ Amritavar’s sister Mahua Chowdhury got a job in Pathak Rail. But eleven years later, the dead passenger was caught alive by the CBI. After that Mahua practically covered his body.

‘Dead’ Amritabhar’s sister Mahua Chowdhury Pathak has not come to the office since Monday. He was last seen in the office until noon on Friday. On the same night, the CBI arrested Amritav Chowdhury and his father Mihir Chowdhury. The next day, from Khabar Chaur, everyone in the office of the senior divisional signal and telecom owner in Sealdah found out that Mahua, an employee of their office, had been working for more than ten years by showing fake documents. He is a fourth class worker. According to Sealdah Division sources, he used to work in the office without going outside to work as a helper. He talked less with his colleagues. He used to brag in front of his colleagues, “Did the railways give me such a job?” However, he kept implying that he would get a job after his grandfather’s death.

Many think that he may have known that his grandfather was alive. So he might not have said that in front of everyone. According to his colleagues in the Sealdah Division, Mahua was short-spoken. He avoided everyone in the office. Although he was a helper, he used to stay in the office separately with his job. The department used to drill leave, retirement papers. He also used to make and take card passes. Several colleagues in his department said, “The poles are strong. Thus took the job. Even then the first posting in Sealdah. His job is to help in the field as a helper. Along with working as a pioneer in the office without working in his own position. It’s not possible without a good source. ” When he started his working life, he was unmarried but now he is married. Some of his colleagues claim that he is earning around Tk 30,000 by joining the basic infrastructure of Tk 16,000. However, after the controversy, Amritav said that he would return the money for the job and his sister’s salary. However, the ‘deceased’ Amritav Chowdhury did not specify how he would return the money received for compensation. ‘Dead’ Amritavar Baba Mihir Chowdhury has already appeared at the CBI office. His samples may be taken for DNA testing. At the same time the fog has appeared with the age of Amritavar. As a result, a bone test or ossification test will be done to determine his actual age. According to former railway sources, the CBI has not yet asked them for any information about Mahua. As a result, the departmental investigation against Mahua cannot be started now. On the other hand, if he does not join the office even today, inquiries will be made. However, according to some railway officials, Mahua may have known that his grandfather may have died. For the time being, the Sealdah Division is busy with the Amritav issue.


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