In the second letter too, Mamata Banerjee is beside the conversation, denouncing the Center as a shellfish giant.

#Kolkata: Nothing is happening in the conversation but the center has been warned of punitive measures. Once again, Mamata Banerjee stood by her beloved former chief secretary. Oscar Wilde’s selfie compares the giant’s selfishness to the giant story in the story. Mamata reminds that Alapana Banerjee lost her younger brother a few days ago. He also lost his mother. Mamata’s question is, does this conversation deserve to serve the country all its life?

Regarding Alapana Banerjee’s second letter from the Center, Mamata Banerjee made it clear, “Alapon is an honest competent officer. He can decide for himself. Our government is on his side. All IAS and IPS are on his side. His comments on the Modi government’s move are irresponsible.” They think they are selfish monsters. “

History brought compassion to ignore the majority. He said, “Rajiv Gandhi also had more than 400 members. He did not do that. Gradually, when the opposition is trying to unite, Mamata warned, he is in power today, he may not be in power in 2024.”

It is to be noted that the conversation between the Prime Minister and Banerjee about not being present at the meeting started. He was recently given a month’s time on behalf of the Center with a letter asking why the Center would not take action against him. The letter said Alapan could appear in person or respond in writing to the show-cause. Otherwise, action may be taken against him in accordance with Rule 6 and 7 of the All India Administrative Recruitment Process. As a result of this step, you will not be able to get the benefits of retirement, it has been indicated in the letter.

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