Jadavpur University | Suranjan Das | Jadavpur University Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das’s term extended by 2 years, flames of state-governor clash again

#Kolkata: After Presidency University, this time the conflict between the state and the governor over the appointment of the vice chancellor of Jadavpur University is also open. Jadavpur University Vice-Chancellor Suranjan Das’s term was due to end on Wednesday. The Higher Education Department issued a directive on Wednesday afternoon informing that Suranjan Das’s term is being extended for another two years. Extension of term extends to Suranjan Das.

The Higher Education Department issued guidelines on Wednesday, saying, “Professor Suranjan Das’s proposal for extension was sent to the Acharya on June 16 and June 22. But the Acharya and the Governor have not yet approved the proposal on behalf of the Higher Education Department. The state government has decided to extend the term of Suranjan Das by two years so that he does not fall into zero. “

Earlier, the conflict between the state and the governor over the appointment of the vice-chancellor of the Presidency University also came to light. Anuradha Lohia’s name as Vice Chancellor of the Presidency University was sent to the Governor in the form of a proposal. The Governor did not approve the file.

According to a section of higher education officials, it is not surprising that such exceptions have occurred not only in Jadavpur or the Presidency, but also in several universities in the state.

The state higher education department has already amended the law on the appointment of vice-chancellors. The new law calls for the appointment of a vice-chancellor in consultation with the education minister. Not only that, several changes have been made regarding the power of the governor. Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has objected to this from the very beginning. As a result, the officials of the higher education department are anticipating that the conflict between the governor and the governor will intensify in the future as well. According to department sources, the term of several vice-chancellors is expected to expire this month and in July. However, no decision has been taken yet to form a search committee to appoint vice-chancellors in those universities.

-Somraj Banerjee

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