‘Lakshmisri’ next to helpless people, free bread and vegetables in new canteen in the city


#Kolkata: The idea of ​​doing something for helpless people. Eventually, members of the city’s various women-led pujo committees put the idea into practice. A fancy canteen of bread and vegetables has been started in Baliganj area on the initiative of the outgoing councilor of ward 7 of Kolkata municipality. Many people from Vinh State have come to this city today in the hope of earning a living and have found a way to earn an income. Everyone from rickshaw pullers to other day laborers face a tough challenge today. Far from feeding the family, they are now struggling to make ends meet. Due to the strict restrictions in the Corona situation, on the one hand, their income has decreased a lot, and on the other hand, they are also running to relieve their stomach irritation. Many people are not even getting rice bread as their livelihood is virtually stopped. Sudarshan Mukherjee, the outgoing councilor of ward 7 of Kolkata municipality, came forward thinking of the plight of those people.

It was mainly on his initiative that all the women associated with the Pujo Committee in his area were united and made ‘Lakshmishri’. Members of ten adjoining pujo committees including Ekdalia Evergreen, 71 Palli, Baliganj Place, Durgabari are involved in this service work. He also gave opportunities to the women of the local self-help groups to earn a living. However, the most benefited by this initiative are the helpless people who work hard. As long as the Corona situation does not return to normal, the city returns to normalcy from the time of the ban, all those people are provided with free bread and vegetables. Bread and vegetables are being handed over to the helpless people every afternoon.

On the one hand, the women of the self-help group are working tirelessly to make bread and vegetables in this fancy canteen. On the other hand, from the rickshaw pullers standing in line to the helpless people who are practically starving. Members of various women-run pujo committees in the area are involved in various social work. However, on the one hand, they are satisfied with this arrangement, on the other hand, they are happy for whom this arrangement is also. Citizens under virtual lockdown. No one is going out of the house unless absolutely necessary. So the condition of rickshaw pullers in the city is very deplorable. However, it is not possible to get enough food even with one or two rents. So the rickshaw pullers of the city also benefited from the inauguration of this canteen. Outgoing councilor Sudarshana Mukherjee, the main initiator of this canteen, said, ‘Some more such canteens will be set up in my area along with the citizens of the area. This plan is to be by the side of helpless people in the day of danger ‘.

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