Mamata Banerjee to Center: Students can’t go abroad with Kovacin, seeks immediate intervention of Center

#Kolkata: Many expatriate students are stuck with the vaccine. This is because several countries are not considering covacin as a coronavirus. This time the Chief Minister was vocal about the issue. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee demanded immediate intervention of the Center so that the students could return to their respective campuses.

The Chief Minister made it clear on the day that Kovacin was not recognized in many foreign countries. In this case, the students are having problems. They can’t go to study in foreign countries. Mamata’s cannon, it is the brainchild of the Prime Minister. “I will ask the chief secretary to write a letter to the health secretary and the center on the matter,” he said. To make an urgent decision on the issue of recognition of Kovacin by a foreign country. Mamata says, if necessary, I will also write a letter. Needless to say, the letter to the Chief Minister’s Center alleging lack of coronation is not a new issue. In the past too, he has repeatedly sent letters directly to the Prime Minister on a number of issues, including oxygen shortages.

On this day also, the Chief Minister complained of discrimination in vaccination. He said vaccinations were also being given at party offices in BJP-ruled states. But why other states are not being vaccinated. After that Mamata’s sarcasm, I think BJP is the biggest disease for everyone, for the whole country.

A few days ago, JP Nadda said that 200 crore vaccines will be available in this country by December. Mamata is not willing to take the matter lightly in any way. Contrary to the angry Chief Minister, I do not understand why Nadda is saying this. Does he not know the facts? What did they do for six / eight months? Needless to say, the finger of affection is on election days. Because long before the vote, he had been saying that the eight-point election is not the right decision.

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