Mamata Banerjee to PM Modi | Mamata seeks by-polls in 6 constituencies including Bhabanipur, direct request to PM

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee wants quick by-elections in seven seats of the state. Like him, now that Kovid is down, now is the ideal time to complete the by-election in seven days. At a press conference on Wednesday, Mamata Banerjee said, “I urge the Prime Minister to hold by-elections as soon as possible.”

On this day, Mamata said to explain her party’s preparations for the by-elections, there is no need to give more days for the by-elections. We are ready. Mamata’s remarks, I think they will not declare if the Prime Minister does not say.

Note that by-elections will be held in Kharadaha, Samsherganj, Jangipur, Shantipur, Bhabanipur, Dinhata, Gosaba in these seven assembly constituencies. Shobhandev Chatterjee resigned after winning a landslide victory in Bhabanipur. Mamata Banerjee will contest the by-election from that center. Because according to the rules, after the Nandigram result, he has to win from another seat within six months. On the other hand, Khardaha candidate Kajal Sinha won but could not see the victory. Corona took his life. Elections were not held in Samsherganj and Jangipur as the candidates died before the polls. Mamata wants this episode to be resolved quickly.

Mamata Banerjee said on the day, “When the positivity rate was very high, then the election was held and now the infection rate is very low. Now why not hold the by-election? The election can be held in seven days. We are ready.”

Mamata Banerjee also brought up the issue of 6-point election. Then the Trinamool Congress repeatedly objected to holding elections for such a long time. Highlighting the statistics, Mamata Banerjee said the infection rate in the first round of elections was two to three per cent. Gradually, it went up to 22% during the fifth to eighth rounds. Mamata, without covering up, says that the 6-point election has been the most infected.

Now the covid graph is downward. So in this situation he wants to prove his strength once again in the by-elections.

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