More than 1,000 people were given the fake corona vaccine

# Town: The corona vaccine was being given in Kasba for more than ten days. Every day more than a hundred people have been vaccinated from there. Everyone claims that they have taken Kovisild. The place is on Rajdanga Main Road next to Kasbar New Market. The IAS officer himself was administering the vaccine under his supervision. The traders of Kasba New Market have taken the vaccine from there. After receiving the vaccine, no one received a slip or a message on a mobile phone. Why isn’t this message coming yesterday? The argument started with that. Then, after a little pressure, you can know that the matter is completely false. The IAS officer who was claiming to be from the Information and Culture Department of the West Bengal government was Devanjan Dev. A resident of Hossainpur in Anandapur. This Devanjan Dev had been spending a long time in the area with the identity of an IAS officer. Baba Manoranjan Dev is a retired Assistant Commissioner of the Excise Department.

The shops in front of the building where the vaccine was being given, such as Mitali Mandal and Sunita Sardar, were arrested yesterday and found out that he was a bogus officer. They all got vaccinated there on June 12. Was it a vaccine, or something else? Everyone is really scared about that. Even after such a big incident, the health department has not contacted those who have been vaccinated. According to local people, more than a thousand people have been vaccinated so far. Those who have been vaccinated do not know, what have they taken? The Kasba traders and those who were vaccinated that day are on high alert.

Going to the place of the vaccine, it is seen that there is a board of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation outside the office. There is also a notice of the corporation on the door. Everyone knew that it was the office of the Calcutta Corporation. No one understood that he would cheat to play with people’s lives. However, there has been a lot of noise about the issue across the state.


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