Mukul Roy VS Suvendu Adhikari | PAC chairman Mukul? Desperate to dismiss the MLA post, Shuvendu is waiting for the hearing

#Kolkata: The BJP Trinamool is in a frenzy over the nomination of Mukul Roy as a member of the Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Assembly. According to sources, the BJP has so far submitted the names of six people. The names of 14 people have been submitted on behalf of the Trinamool. In this situation, there is a lot of speculation about whether Mukul Roy will get the post of chairman.

The six names given by the BJP are Ashok Lahiri, Shuvendu Adhikari, Nikhil Ranjan Dey, Bankim Ghosh, Ambika Roy, Vivekananda Baury. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari is not in any way willing to accept Mukul Roy’s membership or nomination as chairman. On the same day, Shuvendu Adhikari said, “Anyone who does not have the post of MLA will have another PSC chairman or member! The Speaker has called me for a hearing on this issue on July 17 (July) in the light of my letter. I will submit the documents. I will not wait indefinitely. . “

The Trinamool did not leave Shuvendu to sneer. Trinamool leader, MLA Tapas Roy says, “The future will answer Shuvendu’s words. Rules will answer all. Shuvendu does not know the customs of the assembly. Let him know first. He has just become the Leader of the Opposition. A 41-member committee, who will be, who will not be.” It should be said after watching. “

It is to be noted that on Tuesday evening a letter was sent to the Opposition from the Secretariat of the Legislative Assembly stating that only the Speaker has the authority to take a decision in this regard. Whatever he says will be implemented. Even in this situation, the speculation about who will be the PSC chairman is not stopping. Like one party, Mukul Roy is the first choice of the government. Again, the BJP is not willing to accept Mukul in this way. As a result, tensions still continue.

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