Plans to move the tea auction center to the north, Andrew Will to the south, start a new war

#Kolkata: After SAIL, this time it is Andrew Yule Company. The state government alleges that the headquarters of this traditional organization is being shifted from Kolkata. State Industries Minister Perth Chatterjee is sending a letter to the Union Ministry of Industry, Commerce and the Minister in protest. Incidentally, the present Industries Minister of the state was associated with this company for a long time for professional reasons. Employees and officials of the company have already protested against this decision. State Industries Minister Perth Chatterjee said the decision by the central government had left the future of Andrew Yule’s workers uncertain. In addition, if this very famous company leaves the state, then the name of the state will be bad on the industrial map. Meanwhile, the tea auction center is also moving away from Jalpaiguri, and the state considers this decision as a big loss.

Since the Industries Minister himself had been in a high position in this organization for a long time, several trade unions have also contacted him. The state appealed to the central government to take immediate action in this regard. Talk to the company The industry minister thinks that this organization is leaving because of the central non-cooperation.

On the other hand, it is bad news for the tea industry in North Bengal. The industry minister alleged that the state’s largest tea auction center in Jalpaiguri was being handed over. The auction center has been in trouble since it opened on February 26, 2005. In order to operate every auction center in the country, sales tax exemption is given for the first few years. It is alleged that Jalpaiguri was deprived of that opportunity. That is why the supply of tea has decreased here. According to the auction center sources, the auction was initially for 35 days but in 2008-2009 it dropped to 8. The auction center closed in 2008-2009 due to declining supply of tea. Although the auction was resumed in 2012, the disaster did not end. In 2014-2015, only 15 days have been auctioned. Since then, this tea auction center has been gradually flourishing. According to sources, the tea leaf crisis has gradually pushed the auction center towards uncertainty.

From the birth of the auction center in 2005, there was a big problem with the supply of tea leaves. Each year, multiple auctions are canceled due to lack of tea leaves. For two years in a row, not a single auction was held at this center. Buyers also turn away from this center in Jalpaiguri. Why tea will not come to the auction center in Jalpaiguri, the tea district of Dwars, has been repeatedly questioned.

The central government was also offered a number of infrastructures by the tea companies. Despite the unions’ complaints, those structures have not been properly built by the administration in so many years. At the same time, a request for tax exemption was made to the state government from the Jalapaiguri center. He did not respond in that sense. The traders think that both the buyers and sellers of Jalpaiguri will respond to the tax exemption. This auction center would also benefit from it. But years after the application for a waiver has been cut off, no action has been taken. With the tea auction closed, the cost of other maintenance, including the centre’s electricity bill, did not rise.

So many of the members of the management committee have decided to close the center. State Industries Minister Perth Chatterjee said, “I am writing to the central government about this auction center. The auction center is being taken away and our state is being deprived.”

At one time, when the vote came, the candidates used to give assurances about the tea auction center in Jalpaiguri. This time after the re-vote, the Jalpaiguri Tea Auction Center is waiting for a final decision. The state government is determined to prevent this.

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