This time the shocking information about Shitalkuchi Kand

#Kolkata: This time the shocking information about Shitalkuchi Kand. CID confiscated the mobile phone of Koch Bihar’s former SP Debashish Dhar. The CID also confiscated the personal phone he used. The CID is looking into who spoke to whom before and after the Shitalkuchi incident on April 10. Who directed the statement that day? Where did Debashish Dhar say before the investigation that the central forces fired in self-defense? Why did he make such a comment? Did he make such remarks to save the CISF in any way? Who did he talk to on the phone before and after the incident? The CID is looking into the mobile call list of the former police superintendent of Koch Bihar to get the whereabouts of all these questions. According to CID sources, he broke down in tears during interrogation on Tuesday. As there are inconsistencies in more than one place in the statement, there is a possibility of summoning him again and interrogating him.

Former Bihar police superintendent Debashish Dhar was earlier summoned on June 16 in connection with the Shitalkuchi incident. He was summoned for the second time on 22 June. In this incident, after the formation of CID seat in the shooting of booth number 126, the officers of the seat visited Shitalkuchi on May 18. The CID came up with the investigation, not that the shots were fired outside the booth, but the bullets were fired at the booth. The forensic ballistic team went to the spot on June 8 to confirm that. There, they informed the CID. Initially, shots were fired at the blackboard through the booth door. That was a rifle shot. Earlier, the CID had also recorded eyewitness statements in the incident. Mathabhangar IC, IO, SDPO, SI, Sector Officer, QRT Officer, Returning Officer, Assistant Returning Officer were summoned and interrogated at Bhabani Bhaban. Coincidences have been found in many places with the statements of the former SP of Koch Bihar. That is why there is a possibility of a face-to-face interrogation with the former coach Bihar’s SP with Mathabhanga IC, according to CID sources.


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