vaccines purchased from bagri market, kasba vaccination fraud main accused debanjan deb claims, officials astonished | Free Covishield dose at all? Mystery is growing in the statement of fake panda IAS of vaccine forgery …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Alipore court has remanded Debanjan Dev, the main accused in the corona vaccination scam, to police custody till June 29. In addition, the health department has summoned a report on vaccination. Reports have been summoned to Kasba Police Station and Central Family Welfare Store. Investigators are hopeful that whether the vaccine was purchased from the Central Godown or the accused Devanjan from a private hospital could be questioned. The vaccine that has been given in a few days, the question is whether it is Kovishield at all. Presumably, placebo or water may be given instead of the vaccine.

On the other hand, one shocking information after another is coming up after interrogating Debanjan. He claimed, ‘He bought the vaccine from Bagri market. The vaccination program was going on for 5-6 days. An immunization program was organized with an NGO. Debanjan further said in the interrogation, ‘He rented an office in the area 4-5 months ago. 10-12 people were recruited for vaccination. All those workers were paid. However, the police have not yet been able to find out who else was involved in the incident with Debanjan. After questioning the accused, the investigating officers are investigating where he bought the vaccine from and whether there is any other big head involved with him.

Incidentally, a vaccination camp was organized near Kasba New Market COVID19 vaccination camp on Tuesday 22 June. Free vaccinations are provided for specially able children and homosexuals. MP Actress Mimi Chakraborty was present on the occasion. He also got vaccinated in this camp. But it was later revealed that the organizer of the camp, Devanjan Dev, who identified himself as an IAS officer, was not a government official at all.

“I get the invitation,” said Mimi. I think if people are motivated to go to me, why not. I say I will definitely go. I also preach the whole thing. ‘ Mimi added, ‘I moved to that camp on time. I myself get vaccinated there, so that people see me and come forward to get vaccinated. ‘

However, after taking the vaccine, it is difficult to measure 8 mm Usually a message comes on the phone as soon as the vaccine is given But no message comes to Mimi. In his words, ‘After receiving the vaccine, no message came on my phone. I thought for some reason it may not have come, it will come. He also asked about the certificate of corona vaccine But he was told that the certificate would be delivered to his house Mimi says, I ask where is my certificate? Then I was told, Madam you will come home, to arrive. My home is in Kasba. As the certificate did not come even after going home, I asked my team Then they say, the vaccine camp has said, the certificate will come in three or four days.

That’s when Mimi became active. He started to find out whether all the people who had been vaccinated in the camp had registered. He said, ‘After receiving the vaccine, no message was received. I understand the matter is going in the wrong direction. I make arrangements to stop vaccinating immediately. The police, with the help of the administration, arrested the fake person. ‘

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