Bengal’s ‘Bondhan Bank’ is the best example in the country, it got the ‘responsibility’ of the entire metro station

# Saltlake: The first Metro service from Salt Lake Sector Five to Salt Lake Stadium was launched on February 14 last year as an East West Metro service. Later it spread to Phulbagan. And that Salt Lake Sector Five metro station was newly equipped from Wednesday. The new name is ‘Bondhan Bank Saltlake Sector Five’. Bondan Bank’s advertisements are everywhere from the street to the platform, ticket counter.

Chandrashekhar Ghosh, Managing Director and CEO of Bondhan Bank, thinks that the relationship with Kolkata Metro, which started in November 2020 with the branding of smart cards for Metro passengers, has been further strengthened through this initiative. Kolkata Metro has entered into an agreement with Bondhan Bank for the branding rights of Salt Lake Sector Five Metro Station. According to the agreement, the station will henceforth be called “Bondhan Bank Salt Lake Sector Five Metro Station”.

This is the first time in the history of Indian Railways that a private company has been given the branding rights of an entire station. Kolkata Metro service is the oldest service in the country. This is the first such branding since Metro Rail was launched in 1984. Bondan Bank was born in Salt Lake Sector Five. The bank’s registered office and head office are also in Sector Five, which is also the main IT hub in Kolkata. There is also a possibility of large number of passengers at this station in future. Because the passengers of Howrah Maidan-Newtown line and Airport-New Goriya line have to change their vehicles at this station.

With a large number of professional, commercial and educational institutions in Sector Five, this metro station will soon become a place of travel for many people irrespective of age and social status. Metro will be their preferred vehicle. Manoj Joshi, General Manager, Metro Railways, said, “Metro Railways is delighted that a local organization like Bondhan Bank has joined us in this new initiative of Station Branding. Bondhan Bank is a household name in Kolkata. I congratulate Bondhan Bank for taking such an initiative, first for this city. ‘ Chandrasekhar Ghosh, MD and CEO, Bondhan Bank, said, “We feel fortunate to be associated with Kolkata Metro. Bonding with Sector Five is the lifeblood of the bank. So we are happy that Indian Railways has chosen us for the first such partnership. Bondan Bank has been loved by this city since its inception. This joint venture gave us another opportunity to express our gratitude to the citizens of Kolkata and the passengers of Sector Five. ”

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