BJP MLA at Perth Chatterjee’s house! Not a change of party, but an example of courtesy

#Kolkata: Critics often say courtesy, Bengal politics has lost its tradition. Mutual respect and good relations seem to be gradually disappearing from the politics of Bengal. In that context, BJP’s North Bengal MLA Manoj Tigga set an exceptional example on Wednesday.

The BJP MLA from Madarihat seems to have brought back the lost tradition of Bengal politics on Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday, Industries Minister Perth Chatterjee’s mother’s funeral was held. Despite being a front-line leader and MLA of the opposition party, Manoj Tigga attended the mourning ceremony of the minister’s mother in Daputa, the ruling party of the state. He set a new precedent by rising above politics. The political circles think that the recent state politics is exceptional.

VVIPs have been flocking to the Naktala house of state industries minister Perth Chatterjee since Wednesday morning. From the front row leader of the Trinamool Congress to the heavyweight minister, who is not there! Assembly Speaker Biman Bandyopadhyay, Minister Malay Ghatak, Subrata Mukherjee Firhad Hakim, Sujit Bose, Arup Biswas and many others. The BJP MLA from North Bengal appeared there with a garland of flowers.

Earlier, after the death of Perth Chatterjee’s mother, Manoj Tigga came to the minister’s house and finished the meeting. Manoj Tigga spent some time at Parthababu’s mother’s funeral on Wednesday. When it comes to political relations, Tigga said, “I have a heart-to-heart with Perth Chatterjee. Even though I believe in opposition political ideology, I want to communicate with him. So run, stay by my side. There is no political connection between them.” The BJP MLA from Madarihat added, “Politics is in the place of politics. Personal relationship is in the place of relationship. I have learned a lot from Perth Chatterjee in parliamentary politics. Don’t look for political equations. “

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