Debanjan did not give a discount to the people of the house! Bodyguard leaks explosive information in fake vaccine case – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: It is as if he went out to dig a worm. Fake IAS officer (Debanjan Deb) Debanjan Deb’s security guard Arvind Vaidya’s statement is coming up with all the sensational information. Where did the vaccine come from, with whom did Debanjan Deb come in contact, where did he go, everything was told to News18Bangla by this former BSF jawan. The coronavirus vaccine (Fake Vaccination Drive in Kolkata) is so noisy, the vaccine was taken by every employee of Devanjan Dev’s office. Arvind Vaidya said, ‘I got vaccinated at the office. My wife and son also got vaccinated from there. Even Devanjan Babu himself and his mother and sister took the vaccine.

However, Arvind claimed that he had to be reprimanded by Sir for talking about the ticker certificate. But where did Devanjan Dev get the vaccine from? Arvind Vaidya suspects, ‘Many people used to come to the office. Looking at their visiting slips, it seemed that a man writing Gautam & Gautam was meeting Sir. He used to go with a lot of stuff. ‘ Gautam & Gautam has a wholesale and retail drug store on Ezra Street. “The government has not yet allowed the vaccine to be sold in the open market,” said Rank Mukin, the captain. As a result, it is not possible for us to sell vaccines. And many take masks and sanitizers as wholesale and retail. ‘

Arvind Vaidya of Sonarpur retired from the Border Guard Force in 2016. After that he was looking for another job. Devanjan Deb interviewed Arvind Babu through a private company five months ago. After passing the interview, Arvind Vaidya got the appointment letter for the government job. He joined four and a half months ago as a security guard for a bogus IAS officer. He claimed, ‘Devanjan Deb’s behavior did not make him think that he was a fake IAS officer. Now the Kasba police station has seen the appointment letter given to us in the name of Nabanna and said that it is a completely fake job. ‘ However, Debanjan did not like to associate with the office workers even though he did not misbehave with them. This fake IAS officer was roaming freely in many famous and expensive places.

Arvind Babu said that his sir is distributing various things including masks, sanitizers, bleaching powder free of cost everywhere. Seeing all this, he took Debanjan Dev to a program near Sonarpur station on the 15th of this month on his own initiative. There Devanjan gave entrepreneurs 500 kg of bleaching powder, 3500 masks, 3000 bottles of sanitizer for free. The logo of Calcutta Municipality was used on the dew of those masks and sanitizers. Arvind Vaidya said the same masks and sanitizers were distributed everywhere. However, he did not see any bad deeds anywhere even though he was driving around in a car with the logo of Bishwa Bangla. But now everything seems to be going awry for this former border guard jawan.

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