Durga Puja in COVID times: Kolkata Pujo Bazaar in recession this year

#Kolkata: The third wave of corona is already feared to hit 6 As a result, this year too, the Durga Puja in Kolkata (Durga Puja in COVID times) is in full swing. At the same time, there has been concern in Kumorpara The artists of Kumartuli do not see much light of hope with the pujo of Calcutta Because most of the big budget pujo can be canceled in Corona air Like last year, the big clubs of Kolkata can perform Durga Pujo for the sake of rules Entrepreneurs will not have a headache with pujo if there is a ban on crowd or pandal hopping. Because of which they will want to walk on the path of Namah Namah Pujo This is having an effect on Kumartuli too Most clubs have canceled their advance bookings No one has shown interest in ordering Durga idol yet No artist can be quoted It is less likely to sell any big eye-catching idol tomorrow Therefore, the hope of earning at this time of the year is also weak for idol artists

However, Durgapujo abroad is raising hopes in the minds of idol artists Life in the United States and England has returned to normal, albeit to a lesser extent The pace of life is returning to rhythm That is why Bengali organizations have started organizing pujas in all these places Idols have also been ordered in Kumartuli For now, the artists are dreaming of earning money by sending their mother abroad From this month, Durga idol is crossing the sea or by plane abroad

Artist Kaushik Ghosh has sent 12 fiberglass idols to the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy. Several more idols made by him will fly to South Africa, America and Australia As a result, the income has increased a bit compared to last time, says Kaushik Ghosh Another artist, Basudev Pal, says that his idol has reached Germany His idol will travel to Tokyo, Japan

The six-foot fiberglass idol weighs 200 to 250 kg Which can be easily sent abroad The artists arrange to send it in a wooden box wrapped in a bubble sheet very well It is now associated with the style of sanitization Usually the idol is sent abroad in April-May when there is work pressure Because from then on the work of making the idol of Calcutta started However, this year there is no such pressure So the artists are working slowly The work of sending idols to many places has already been completed

The income of idol artists has been declining since last year Because there was not much response in 2020 Durga Pujo Then in Saraswati Pujo the market was in recession due to corona Now the artists are trying to get some water by sending idols from abroad

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