Jagannath Snanyatra: The bathing procession is not today, the story of the chariot in Mahishadal is another …

# Buffalo: Not the bathing procession after bathing Jagannath (Jagannath Snanyatra), but the bathing procession of the Mahishadal royal family is completely different, where bathing the 34 wheels of the chariot with five cows is the bathing procession of the royal house! That ancient tradition is still going on today. However, today, not on the day of the bathing journey, the wooden wheels of the wooden chariot are worshiped and bathed with Ganga water, curd, milk, ghee, honey and other accessories. The chariot ride takes about three hours to pull the chariot. So on this day of bathing procession, it is not a picture of bathing by pouring water on the deity, but bathing in the chariot of 13 peaks of the Mahishadal royal family means bathing the wheel of the chariot.

Mahishadal Rath has been touching for about two and a half hundred years. At one time the top of this wooden chariot was 18, but over time the number of peaks has decreased. Now there are 13 peak buffalo chariots. The number of wheels is 34. The 34 wooden wheels of the chariot are worshiped with five cows. Historians say that the bathing journey took place while pulling the chariot so that the wheel of the chariot would not get stuck in the clay ground.

Although there is so much history in the chariot, that chariot will not be pulled again. Like last year, there will be pujo-achcha again, but the rope of the chariot will not be pulled. The chariot will not be pulled again because of Corona. But other ancillary rituals will be observed.

As it happened last time, it will happen again. The idols of Jagannath Dev and Gopal Jiu will be mounted in the chariot. At the end of the pujo, the gods will be taken to Masibari Gundichabati by pressing the drum of the palace, the pujo will be jute. After seven days, worship will be done in the same way on the day of Ultorath. Jagannathdev and Gopal Jiu, the family deity of the palace, will get in the chariot. Everything will be done in an unpretentious environment and in accordance with the Corona rules.

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