Jnaneswari Fraud Case: CBI conducts DNA test of Amritav and his father, separate test to know age …

#Kolkata: The CBI has tested the DNA of Amritava Chowdhury and his father Mihir Chowdhury, accused in the Jnaneswari Fraud Case. The test was performed at SSKM Hospital on the same day. Besides, Amritavar Ossification test has been done on the same day with the permission of the court.

This test was done to determine the actual age of Amritabhar. Amritav Chowdhury and his family have been accused of cheating the railways and taking jobs and compensation despite not being killed in the Gnaneshwari accident. He and his father’s DNA were matched on Thursday to confirm the identity of accused Amritavar. After the Gyaneshwari accident, Amritav and his family were accused of cheating with the railways by showing fake DNA reports. Investigating officers therefore want to be sure of his identity before arresting Amritav.

On the other hand, there is confusion about the age of immortality. Because now seeing that the CBI is interrogating Amritav, the CBI officials think that he is around 30 years old. However, according to the birth certificate of the accused, he is 39 years old. Amritav, who was claimed to be dead in the Gyaneshwari case, was supposed to be 39 years old. But seeing Amritav, CBI detectives thought he was much younger. That is why this ossification test was done.

Doctors say that this ‘ossification’ is done by X-ray of the place where different bones are attached in the human body. However, doctors say that it is difficult to determine the exact age even if someone is over 29 years of age. According to SSKM Hospital sources, it will take about two months for the DNA test report to arrive. But the results of the ‘ossification’ test will be known after two days. Until the identity of Amritavar is ascertained or he is arrested, the CBI is keeping a close watch on the accused with the help of the police.

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