John Barla Met Governor: John Barla locked in ‘separate kingdom’! Complaint to the governor about the violence after the vote in the meeting …

# Shiliguri: John Barla came back under the pressure of the team. For the past few days, BJP MPs have been pushing for a separate state or union territory in North Bengal. Cannon fired, do not retreat in any way. He even announced that he would take the demand to Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. But on Thursday, that barley turned 180 degrees.

On this day, he had the opposite tone in his throat! Leaving the palace in Darjeeling, he said, “There was no talk of bringing it today. I will not say anything today. I will tell Delhi what to say.” So did the team move under pressure? In reply, he said, “I will not say anything here today. I will tell Delhi what to say. I will say it another day.” According to sources, the party’s central committee also gave a strong message to John Barla. The state leadership also declared Barla’s demand as ‘private’ from day one without sealing it. Barla has been backed by several MLAs in the North.

In the face of that barla today is a lock on the separate North Bengal or Union Territory! He met Governor Jagdeep Dhankar at Raj Bhavan in Darjeeling today. He was accompanied by Kumargram MLA Manoj Orao, nine MPs including former MP Dasharath Tirke and one Alipurduar district council member. The meeting lasted for about an hour and a half. Leaving the meeting, Barla said, “The elected gram panchayat members in Alipurduar are homeless today. They are trembling with fear. Trinamool leaders are threatening them and police officers are constantly warning them. “The governor has been informed that the evacuees have been sent home safely,” he said. He assured us. “The law is not above anyone,” the governor said.

‘When are you going to Delhi?’ In response to a question from reporters, Barla said, “It will be informed in time. On the other hand, Kumargram MLA Manoj Orao said that the police are threatening the members of one panchayat after another in his constituency.

The results of the Assembly Election (Assembly Election 2021) were released on 2 May. However, even at the end of June, the politics of Bengal was hot with post-election violence. This time, after meeting Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, John Barla, a BJP MP from Alipurduar, lodged a complaint against the Trinamool on the issue. However, the MPs claimed that the two did not talk about a separate state of North Bengal.

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