Kasba Fake Vaccination || kasba fake vaccination camp accused fake IAS conduct vaccination camp in city college too

#Kolkata: Explosive information is coming up in the Kasba Fake Vaccination Case. Accused Debanjan Deb, accused in the marathon interrogation, said that he had arranged for vaccination not only in Kasba but also in City College, North Kolkata. Hundreds of people were vaccinated from there. After getting response from the people, he planned the Kasbar camp.

However, the investigating officers are still not satisfied with the statement of Fake IAS Debanjan Deb Arrested. Police claim that there are still inconsistencies in Dhrita’s words. Although he was repeatedly asked about the vaccine camp, he said throughout the night that he would give the vaccine to serve the people. On the other hand, the confiscated ticker vial is being examined from Dhrita. However, no expired vaccine has been found so far. According to sources, the investigators want to know from Debanjan, and where did Debanjan camp for the vaccine? Why did Debanjan camp for the vaccine? Where did the money for the vaccine camp come from? How did he get permission to camp? What other misdeeds did Devanjan engage in under the guise of fake IAS? According to police sources, the police want to know if anyone else is involved in the incident. However, the answer did not match. As a result, the arrested Devanjan will be interrogated even today.

Meanwhile, after Debanjan’s fame came to light on Wednesday, City College contacted the police. The principal of the college contacted and said that a similar incident has taken place in City College. Accordingly, on Wednesday, the OC of Armstrong Street Police Station went to get all the information from the principal. That’s when the eyes rose to the forehead. The principal communicates with this bogus officer through the college union. According to this fake IS, they are giving vaccinations in different places. He also shows various documents in his favor. The principal of the college claimed that he gave all the information in the notepad used by the corporation. Vaccination Although the officer took eight to ten people to visit the college. This bogus IS officer introduced them as officers of the corporation. After that, on June 17, the vaccination program was held in the college. But the college professors also suspected that the SMS did not come. After seeing this news yesterday, the police was contacted on behalf of the college.

On the other hand, the police are looking for all the employees of Debanjan’s office in Kasba. Different people had different jobs, the police wanted to know the names and job descriptions of each of them. Debanjan Dev will be interrogated today.

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