Mimi Chakraborty: ‘I’m fine, don’t panic!’ MP Mimi Chakraborty reassured in the video message

#Kolkata: MP Mimi Chakraborty himself is one of the victims of the fake vaccination scandal. Meanwhile, Debanjan Deb, the organizer of the vaccine camp (Kasba fake vaccine center) has been arrested on his initiative. Meanwhile, as soon as the news of the fraud spread, it became clear that the coca vaccine was not given at all at the Kasba fake vaccine center. After that, panic spread among the people who were vaccinated from the vaccination center. MP actress Mimi Chakraborty herself was also vaccinated from the vaccination center. Fans (Mimi Chakraborty Followers) have also expressed concern over the health of the actress. Mimi Chakraborty, the responsible citizen to reduce panic among the people, gave a video message of herself as an MP of the country (TMC MP).

On Thursday, Mimi Chakraborty once again opened her mouth about the fake vaccine camp on social media. The MP, actress has given this message to all those who have been vaccinated from the camp. In a video message, Mimi Chakraborty said, “I have received many phone calls and messages since yesterday’s incident. How am I, many are looking for. I want to let them know I’m fine. Don’t be afraid, I hope you are healthy too. Samples of the vaccine have been sent to the lab. I will know in 4-5 days, what exactly was in it? But as far as I know, there was nothing harmful in it, but yes, there was no vaccine in it.

On the other hand, the preliminary report of the municipality came to light. No cove shield was given from Kasba Center. Preliminary investigations by the municipality suggest, no measles or BCG national vaccine has been given. The vaccine made by mixing powder and liquid was given in that center. There was no manufacturing date, expiry date in any of the vaccines. There was no batch number. MP Mimi Chakraborty and many people were given the name Ticker by mixing water with powder.

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