partha chattopadhyay will distribute food among strays to fill mothers last wish | Dog-loving mother’s last wish, Perth Chatterjee will do ‘this’ work in the afterlife tomorrow …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Mother loved the Sarmeys. There are also two pets at home. Partha Chattopadhyay organized a meal for the love of mother Shivani Chattopadhyay. State Heavyweight Minister Perth Chatterjee’s mother’s mourning ceremony was held at Naktala on Wednesday. Worldly work tomorrow. On this day, the Trinamool Secretary General has arranged food for the street vendors.

Followers of Perth Chatterjee will go to different areas including Goriya, Nakatala, Behala, Pornshree, Shakuntala Park, Sarshuna, Taliganj and meet the street dogs and deliver their food. Why take such an initiative? In the words of Perth Babu, “Mother loved dogs. My mother used to say that they were helpless creatures. To see that they are not harmed, to take care of them. Mother is not here today. But I have to keep my word. They are the objects of mother’s love. ”

Since the death of Perth Chatterjee’s mother, various relatives, acquaintances, close and well-wishers have been coming to Nakatala’s house. Those who are coming are all coming with lots of fruits. And Parthababu has sent all those huge fruits to the hospital. All those fruits have also reached the orphanage. Even at the moment of losing his mother, the heavyweight minister of the state and the secretary general of the ruling party is still steadfast in his humanitarian duty. He remembered his mother’s favorite creatures. Shivani Devi told her son to take the responsibility of looking after the helpless four-legged. Therefore, it has been decided on Wednesday, the day of paying homage to the mother, that the Trinamool Secretary General will feed the stray dogs in the Behala-Nakatala area of ​​South Kolkata on the day of fishing.

He plans to arrange meat and rice for more than 500 stray dogs. All measures have been taken for him. On Wednesday, however, various people appeared at Perth Chatterjee’s house. Representatives of both the Trinamool-BJP political parties were present irrespective of their party affiliation. Abhishek Bandopadhyay appeared. But the focus was on BJP MLA Manoj Tiggar.


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