Police find anti biotic injection vials at Kasba fake vaccination camp Amoxicillin injection in the twist of Kovishield! Exciting information on Kasba case – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Covishield 6 written on a green paper wrapper above And below that wrapper is level 6 of amikacin The shocking information about the fake vaccine camp in Kasba has come to light

On the same day, the police searched the office of Debanjan Dev, the main accused in the Kasba case. During the search, several bottles of Kovishield were recovered from the office The vials contain the name of the Covishield vaccine, but at the bottom of the paper is the name of a type of injection called Amicacin 500. A subsequent search of the office turned up several more vials of the injection called Amicasin 500.

Not only that, some documents including computer were recovered from that office Investigators have even suggested that the computer was used to create a fake level of Covishield. According to them, the accused may have bought Amicasin 500 injections from Badri market. The level of the fake covishield was then made and placed on top of the vial of amikacin. That amoxicillin injection was called the coronary vaccine MP Mimi Chakraborty, along with others at the Kasbar camp, is also suspected to have received the amikacin injection.

According to the doctors, this amikacin injection is actually a kind of antibiotic But now doctors do not use this antibiotic too much This is because the use of this injection has caused a number of side effects Even people with diabetes fear that the injections could damage their kidneys. Authorities collected samples of the vaccine given at the bogus camp and sent it for forensic examination.

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