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#Kolkata: Not Covishield 6 At the Kasba bogus vaccination camp, the BCG or measles vaccine, or perhaps a powdered shell of water, may have been found in the name of the coronary vaccine, from MP Mimi Chakraborty to the general public. On this day, Kolkata Municipality 7 has made such a sensational demand Authorities collected samples of the vaccine given at the bogus camp and sent it for forensic examination.

Municipal doctor Ronita Sengupta said on the day that the vaccines given at the camp in Kasbar had Covishield’s name written on the vials but there was no manufacturing or expiry date. There was no batch number or the name of the manufacturing company Not only that, they were also smaller in size than the original Vival of Covishield Ronitadevi said, “These vials were inscribed with the covshield recombinant vaccine. A recombinant vaccine is a vaccine that is made by shaking distilled water or liquid with a powder or dust. Covishield is not such a vaccine The authorities suspect that the measles or BCG vaccine may have been given at a fake vaccination camp in Kasba.

However, Kolkata Municipality 7 has refused to take responsibility for this bogus camp Atin Ghosh, a member of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Governors, claims that there is no such thing as a municipal permit to go to a vaccination camp anywhere in Kolkata. Instead, he blames the unawareness of people for getting vaccinated from such bogus camps. Atin Babu said, ‘If someone puts a municipal board in a house and runs a camp, how will we know? Many highly educated people have gone there and got vaccinated If you take the vaccine, SMS, certificate is supposed to come Even without getting it, no one had any doubt in his mind We came to know the whole matter only because of the suspicion of MP Mimi Chakraborty.

Actress and MP Mimi Chakraborty took the vaccine from that camp After being vaccinated, he was the first to bring the matter to the notice of the police There was a person named Debanjan Dev behind the whole incident He was running the camp in the guise of a fake IAS officer According to Aviya Atinbabu, a team from the municipality visited the Kasba area on that day and spoke to 70 people who had been vaccinated at the bogus camp. But Atinbabu claims that no such side effects have been seen in anyone’s body so far. Although some people have reported fever and headache problems, Atin Ghosh has claimed that it is being said out of fear of fake vaccines.

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