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#Kolkata: The two star MLAs of the Trinamool Congress have joined the INCA committee on information culture in the assembly. Barrackpore MLA Raj Chakraborty and Medinipur MLA June Malia took their places. Raj is again in charge of the committee. Both are professionally associated with the cultural milieu. However, since the Department of Information and Culture has sports and youth organizations. The two have a special interest in that. Along with this committee of the Legislative Assembly, Raj Chakraborty is in charge of the Trinamool Cultural Cell. As a result, Raj and Jun want to work together.

Raj Chakraborty has won the Barrackpore seat in the Assembly elections. Political circles like to say that the fight for votes was extremely difficult. After winning that seat, film director and producer Raj Chakraborty is busy with his assembly constituency every day. As MLA, he will be on the committee of the Legislative Assembly. However, seeing the scope and importance of his work, he has been given the responsibility of the Information and Culture Department. Raj Chakraborty said, “We have seen a lot of potential boys and girls scattered in multiple places across the state. If the sports sector improves, it will also be socially prosperous. We will try to do that.”

Medinipur MLA Jun Malia is in this committee. He has also won the tough battle of Jangalmahal. He said, “Indigenous brothers and sisters in my constituency are good at sports. But if they don’t get training at the right time, they can’t move forward. We can all move forward by negotiating through this committee.” The two-star MLA said the state government is giving importance to the needs of the people. More work is being done to improve the infrastructure. People cannot question development. However, along with the development of infrastructure, issues like sports and information culture are associated with human thinking. That’s what the star-studded pairing couple wants to do. There are 41 committees in the assembly. The committee is divided by members of both the opposition parties. This time too there are those rules. However, the committee on which the star legislators will be present must be noticed.

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