Where did Devanjan give ‘Sputnik V’? But what about the private hospital!

#Kolkata: Fighting over fake vaccines. It is learned that MP Mimi Chakraborty and many other people got BCG or measles vaccine in the name of corona vaccine or any powdered water in the Kasba fake vaccination camp. On this day, Kolkata Municipality 7 has made such a sensational demand Samples of the vaccine given at the bogus camp were also collected and sent for forensic examination. In the meantime, another feat of Devanjan Deb wandering around in fake IAS sej has come to the fore.

It is learned that Debanjan also vaccinated 72 people in a camp at City College, Kolkata. There are also allegations that three Sputnik V vaccines were taken there. Indrajith Sarkar, who helped organize the camp, is a former grassroots leader of the college. His claim, however, is that he himself has been deceived. The accused Debanjan Deb had asked him to pay Rs 2.5 lakh in the name of giving him a job in the corporation. He was told he could not pay, would be employed as a temporary worker for the time being, then would have to pay when the job became permanent. To this end, appointment letters were sent to several other corporations, including Indrajith, in March.

Accused Devanjan Dev and a woman named Sushmita Bandyopadhyay were present on the day of vaccination in the college. They also had security with a licensed revolver. Sushmita Banerjee claimed to be a WBCS officer.

Not only were the three students at City College vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine, but Debanjan had also given the Sputnik ‘B’ vaccine to several of his employees at the Kasbar office 15 days ago. In all, at least 10 people have received the Sputnik V vaccine so far. However, there are doubts whether it is Sputnik V at all.

The biggest question is, Sputnik V is not in the government house. So where did the three people who were vaccinated at City College claiming to be Sputnik come from? It is learned that Devanjan had informed before the vaccination camp at City College that everyone in the college would be given Sputnik ‘V’. But college authorities continue to push for covshield or covacin. Covishield is then given. So is any private hospital also involved in this incident? The question arises.

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