40 more staff special trains starts at Sealdah division from today– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Protests are increasing day by day. Most of the government and private offices and workplaces have been opened in this direction. But there is no public transport on the road. As a result, there is no place to store sesame in train-buses. The distance rule sneezes. Every day, thousands of applications are being submitted for permission to board the Staff Special Train. But the State Government is still adamant about the introduction of Local Train.

In this situation, there was some good news for the office bearers. The number of staff special trains is increasing in Sealdah Division from today. 40 additional trains will be run from today. The number of special trains will be further increased from Monday. Another 60 special trains are scheduled to be launched on Monday. If these trains are introduced, the total number of trains will be around three hundred and fifty.

For two days, there has been unrest among the commuters. In the Sonarpur area, the mob has become more violent than the local train. But keeping in mind Corona’s words, the state does not want to lift the ban on trains now, the Chief Minister made it quite clear in a press conference yesterday.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Thursday, the railway authorities also wrote a letter to the state requesting to start local trains. Anit Daulat, general manager of Eastern Railway, mentioned in a letter what kind of difficulties are being faced in not running local trains. The letter details the situation of the Sealdah Division during the last two days of passenger protests. This is the second railway letter to the state this month.

Rail wants to run trains not only in the public interest but also in the question of economy. For a long time, only staff special trains were running, which has brought down the revenue of the railways. According to railway sources, the Howrah division alone earned Rs 58 lakh per day in April. From here it is possible to understand the amount of daily loss of railways.

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