A former Trinamool MP and former minister of the state received the threatening letter

#Kolkata: When the state politics was in turmoil with the demand to separate North Bengal, the KLO again threatened the two grassroots leaders in the north. The letter threatened to severely punish a former state MP and a former minister. The letter sent by the KLO (Kamtapur Liberation Organization) has been a scathing attack on the Trinamool Congress. In the last chapter of the six-page letter, Perth Pratim Roy, a former MP from Kochbihar, and Binoy Krishna Varman, a former state minister, were threatened with the ultimate punishment. The letter states, “You and Binoy Krishna Varman are not doing well in Calcutta.”

Perth Pratim Roy, a former Trinamool MP, arrived in Kolkata on June 18. He alleged that there was a conspiracy to divide the state with separatists. As a result, this threat is considered to be in the context of the events of that day. The main point of the letter is, “What Perth and Binoy Krishna Varman are doing in Kolkata is not going well. Anti-racial activities will be punished severely. BJP has won the election, so Trinamool coach Kamatapuri is killing people. Coach Kamatapuri is for the people.” The KLO is fighting. Simple people have been oppressed in the name of elections. ” Jeevan Singh’s video was released a few days ago. This threatening letter after that. The addition of the two grassroots allegations is not a coincidence at all The two have clear communication.

While there is no development in North Bengal, several BJP leaders, MPs and MLAs are raising their voices. Then the political circles were surprised to see the statement of the letter sent by KLO. Trinamool MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, “When the TMC came to power, some unscrupulous people repeatedly disturbed the separatists. But the mischief failed. The state government did not neglect North Bengal. Politically, we have reclaimed more land than the Lok Sabha. We will continue to work. “

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