City lifeline is now a risky journey! Ambulances are also moving with EM bypass

#Kolkata: City Lifeline EM Bypass. But at the beginning of the monsoon, the bypass was worn out. Bypass filled with ditches at multiple places from Science City to Patuli Junction. Big holes somewhere. Again somewhere or frozen water. Bypass is virtually a death trap now. In some places the condition of the road is so bad that it has been cordoned off by the Kolkata police. Worst condition is bypass adjacent to Panchanna Gram Crossing, Kalikapur Mukundpur, Ruby Crossing. Many holes are filled with water. As a result, especially bikers are facing accidents from time to time. Some places in the bypass are so bad that bypasses or ponds are sometimes becoming a burden on pedestrians. Roads have become narrow in many parts of the broken road. As a result, the speed of vehicles is slowing down naturally. The most deplorable condition is the lane from Science City to Patuli.

Although the road from Patuli to Science City is in good condition in some places, several places in the opposite lane are damaged. Not only small and big potholes, or water stagnation in the road, but in many places the road pitch has risen and the skeletal appearance has come out. Danger of danger at every step.

This condition of the bypass is noticeable before the monsoon rains come in February. Patchwork is also done. But a few days later who is that. Pedestrians travel with terror. Vehicles are also being damaged due to dilapidated roads. In the words of such a driver, there is a risk to life, as well as damage to car parts falling into the pit. The concerned administration should immediately reverse the bypass.

Not only ordinary vehicles or the occupants of the vehicles, but also the ambulances carrying the dying patient are constantly plying on the ditches dependent on the bypass. There are several private hospitals adjacent to the bypass. All the time that ambulance is also moving on this broken road. Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Administrators, said, “I have also received reports of several roads in the city being damaged. I have asked the concerned department to look into all the issues and repair those roads immediately. And since the bypass is under KMDA, I will tell them to take care too.

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