Dilip Ghosh On Kasba: কবাসকাণ্ডের জের! This time, Dilip demanded a ‘white paper’ from the state regarding the amount of vaccine

#Kolkata: State BJP president Dilip Ghosh sang about Kasba Fake vaccination camp. Earlier, Dilip Ghosh had joked that there was a vaccine syndicate in the state. This time his voice is stronger. “There needs to be a white paper on how much vaccine (Corona Vaccine) has come to the state government from the center, how much vaccine has been given, how much has been wasted and how much is left. Then this corruption will be caught more,” he demanded.

Dilip Ghosh strongly condemned the Kasba vaccination scandal. He said, “It is clear from this incident where our health department and corruption have reached. An MPO brought this fake vaccine. This time after winning, the looting has started. How did an MP and party functionaries allow this vaccination camp to continue?”

Incidentally, rumors of a fake corona vaccine have surfaced across the state recently. It is alleged that the vaccination camp was going on in a state-owned bank under the guise of fake IAS by forging government documents. A vaccination drive was organized at a state-owned bank in Kasba on Tuesday. Mimi Chakraborty was also invited there to spread awareness. Mimi took the first dose of her vaccine while going to that camp. But after taking the vaccine, he suspected that no certificate came.

Meanwhile, instead of corona vaccine, fake vaccine is being given from the vaccination center. And the victim of this fake cycle is the MP himself! As soon as this news was leaked, the discussion started. Given the opportunity, the BJP camp did not stop condemning the state government for its immunization and bogus cycle. They have already been accused of taking pictures of Trinamool leaders and ministers with fake IAS.

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