Fake IAS Debanjan: ‘Introduced as a social worker’ Debanjan, MPs post Facebook photos together

#Kolkata: In Kasba Fake IAS, Debanjan Deb (Fake IAS Debanjan Deb) has deceived many people by setting up a vaccine camp with fake IAS identity. The investigation has revealed that this fake IAS has been forging government documents one after another. As soon as he was caught by the police, more information came out. His picture with various prominent personalities and leaders ministers on his social media handle has made many people uncomfortable. This time such a person opened his mouth about this. In a Facebook post on Friday, Rajya Sabha MP Shantanu Sen clarified his position on this (Dr Santanu Sen).

In his post, Dr Santanu Sen wrote, “Debanjan Deb, the most popular name in the city at the moment who has cheated under the guise of Fake IAS Debanjan Deb. I have seen him in several pictures with him. But I still remember that during the first episode of Kovid, many organizations and individuals voluntarily donated masks, sanitizers, gloves, PPE kits, etc. to the Indian Medical Association for distribution among various hospitals, physicians and other organizations. I think it could be one of them. “

However, the Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP said in his Facebook message, “Devanjan Dev introduced himself as a social worker, not as an IAS officer, but personally or with others.” To clarify his position and clarity, Shantanu writes, “As public representatives, we often encounter many strangers in many places who take pictures with us, sometimes without even informing us.”

The MP thanked the Kolkata Municipality, the police and the government for taking the first steps in the Kasba case and urged them to investigate and take stern action against such fraud. In his words, “I also see the danger of a deep conspiracy to distort our state in this incident.” Shantanu also hinted that such incidents are an attempt to tarnish the image of the state, especially when the vaccination rate in the state is the highest in the country.

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