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#Kolkata: Gradually, the fame of the fake bureaucrat Debanjan Deb is being revealed. The fake IAS vaccinated 62 people (Fake Vaccination Drive in Kolkata) at City College, North Kolkata. According to the principal of the college, he was first introduced to Debanjan by the Joint Commissioner of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation. The principal was reassured to see a team of ten, starting with the security guards. The vaccine was given on June 17 in the college.

Starting from Shubhjit Pal, a college student that day, everyone doubted why the joint commissioner was in such a hurry. The IAS prevented him from taking pictures while taking the vaccine. Debanjan even beat up a student of the student parliament. Even after receiving the vaccine on that day, no message came on anyone’s mobile. College student Shreya Das died on May 9. Devanjan also vaccinated him. Surprisingly, a total of 7 students, including him, were given the Sputnik-V vaccine that day. After taking this vaccine, the students claim that some of them have been sleeping for five days and have some pain in their body.

It has been learned since the beginning of the police investigation that the vaccine is not a corona vaccine at all. An antibiotic injection called nkacin 500mg. Somewhere above the level of this injection, Devanjan would put a fake label by writing Kovaxin, Kovishield or Sputnik. Debanjan did not take money from anyone to give this injection. 20 people used to work in the office of his bogus corporation. They were paid a total of three to four lakh rupees a month. Investigators question, where did the huge amount of money come from every month to Debanjan? Apart from that money, he used to donate in various ways starting from office rent – he had to spend more than 20 lakh rupees a month. The source of all this has fallen on the heads of the investigators. However, according to Santanu Manna, an activist close to Debanjan, Debanjan also used to send mask-sanitizer, PPE kit to influential people. Tao fills the matador again. Investigators are thinking of everything. Police claim, it is as if the earthworm is coming out to dig!

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