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#Howrah: Even today, the memories of his wife and children are still wrapped around the house From every brick in the wall of the house comes the voice of the children That voice seems to come back to the proletarian father and husband every time So he left home to forget the memory of that pain The man who lost his family in the Gnaneshwari train accident has tied the knot with his only surviving eldest son.

Surendra Singh, 50, is still hoping for the return of his wife and a son who went missing in the Jnaneswari Express Accident with their eldest son in a small room. Eleven years have passed but the Railways has not yet been able to trace his wife Nilam and his talented son Rahul. He didn’t even get a job even after losing four members of his family Like the Batra family of Belur, Surendra Singh also claims that he does not want anything. The only demand from the central and state governments is to find out whether his family members are alive or dead

Surendra Singh also lost his job in the private sector in search of his wife and son The eldest son picked up the steering wheel of the cab taxi to make people At home, he still carefully kept a picture of the feet of his wife Neelam, who was rescued from the accident site Although the body was identified by the special color like the altar planted on the soles of the feet, at that time the body also disappeared from the hospital morgue. Today, the picture of that foot is wrapped around the chest and tears are shed in leisure time

Wife Neelam Singh was on her way to a remote wedding house in Chhattisgarh with her two children and a one-year-old cousin’s daughter. Mejo’s son Rahul and younger son Rohit In the same year of private school in Kolkata, Rahul passed with the highest marks in the school After returning home with that result, he left with his mother On the morning of May 26, 2010, after returning home from Durad, Rahul insisted on going there again with his mother. Surendra himself arranged the ticket There were four people in the S5 compartment of Gyaneshwari Express Six-year-old Khushboo and thirteen-year-old Rohit’s frozen body were found, but his wife Nilam and son Rahul are still missing. Surendra is hoping that maybe they will come back. In that hope, Surendra Singh has not sold his house in Kolkata yet Because the wife and son do not know the fate of the house in Howrah, lest they get lost again when they return home

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