Lovely Maitra On Fake IAS: ‘Cheating Devanjan’ on the same stage with Lovely Maitra! What did the Trinamool MLA say?

#Kolkata: His picture was seen on the same stage with Fake IAS Debanjan Deb in Kasba Kand. Trinamool star MLA Lovely Maitra is naturally uncomfortable. The controversy erupted shortly after a video of the incident surfaced. There, Debanjan Deb, the main panda of the Kasba Vaccine Camp, is seen on the same stage with Trinamool star MLA Lovely Maitra. His praise can be heard on Lovely’s face. The video on June 15 was circulated on social media.

Sources said that fake IAS Debanjan was present at the Trinamool (TMC) workers’ organization function in Sonarpur on June 15. Sonali South Trinamool MLA Lovely Maitra was also seen on the stage of the same program. And there is a debate on that issue. Naturally the question arises, what was Lovely doing on the same show with the bogus IAS? This time Lovely Maitra answered that question herself.

Lovely said, ‘The security of the bogus IAS Mithu first came to the INNTUC president of my assembly. I was invited as a MLA. I went to distribute masks, sanitizers. At that time the gentleman introduced himself as IAS. How do I know he is a ‘fake IAS?’ At the same time, Lovely said, ‘I had to suffer a lot in the whole incident. People know me for professional reasons even before I am a people’s representative. As a result, many people come and take pictures. From now on we have to be careful. I have lodged a complaint with the police.

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