Madan Mitra On Jagdeep Dhankhar: ‘Water falls, leaves move, mad elephants shake their heads’, why did Madan Mitra suddenly recite a rhyme?

#Howrah: The Kamarhati MLA attacked Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar with a group of arrows at the same time. Trinamool leader Madan Mitra sneered at the governor (Jagdeep Dhankhar) after cutting his childhood rhyme. Kamarhati MLA (Madan Mitra) has compared the governor’s post with that of a foreigner. He also questioned the governor’s activism in the state over allegations of terrorism. Going a step further, Madan said, “This governor can leave in 72 hours.”

Madan Mitra confronted reporters after attending a function in Howrah on Thursday. It was there that he voiced one criticism after another against the Governor (Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar) in vulgar language. In his words, “Both the foreigner and the governor are like lemon chutney or pickles to me. He said a few days ago, thousands of Bengalis have left for Assam. He could only say ‘I will go to Shillong, with government money, in business class’. He went to Assam and saw that a Bengali had not told him that they had been expelled. After that he came back to Delhi and said, ‘There has been a lot of terror in Bengal’.

After that, the Trinamool MLA said in his own way, “I am challenging Madan Mitra to show the houses of 3 BJP workers whose houses have been vandalized or their bodies have to be taken away. In that case, I will resign from the post of MLA.” “There is a woman suitable for governor in Bengal. But I don’t want to name her.” Madan Mitra’s comment, “Looking at him reminds me of my childhood,” the water falls, the leaves move, the mad elephant shakes its head. He shook his head like a mad elephant. I like it! “Madan further commented on the governor,” I get depressed when I see the governor’s face. “

At the same time, Madan also spoke out against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Madan mocked the Prime Minister’s frequent visits to the state during the polls, saying, “This time the PM came to the polls and said, ‘Mere didi hai tolabaj’.” This is not what the sand masters say. And the people of Bengal slapped him twice on the cheek, 213. Now do Lucknow-Delhi Daily Passenger. “

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