Mala Roy on Fake Vaccination: Vaccination fraudsters have deep roots, says Mala Roy on Fake Vaccination

#NewDelhi: Trinamool (AITMC) -BJP allegations about Kasba Fake Vaccination Case, counter-allegations are on the rise. In an exclusive interview with News18Bangla, Mala Roy said, “People’s representatives should be alert after the Kasba fake vaccine scandal. Mimi Chakraborty fell victim to the fake vaccine fraud while encouraging social work.” There is a problem. ” His fear is, “No one knows who will commit mischief by showing pictures, defaming names. If you search, you will find many more such criminals in the heart of Kolkata. So you have to be careful this time.”

On the other hand, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh had earlier complained that the Trinamool (AITMC) had started a syndicate business with life-saving vaccines like many others. One day further, Dilip Ghosh and BJP leader Sayantan Basu demanded a CBI probe. According to them, a CBI probe is needed immediately to address the ongoing corruption in life-saving vaccines. Although the grassroots are reluctant to give importance to this demand.

Asked about this, Mala Roy, the outgoing chairperson of Parliament and Calcutta Municipality, said at her Delhi residence, “The matter is being taken seriously. It should be remembered that Sushant Ghosh, the local representative of the municipality, brought the matter to the fore. He lodged the complaint with the police. MP Mimi Chakraborty also cheated. “So the BJP’s allegations and claims are baseless. The whole incident is being investigated properly. The municipal corporation is also investigating it properly. Anyone involved will be punished.”

However, he is reluctant to give importance to the fact that the CBI has to investigate the fake vaccine case. According to him, “If the CBI is investigated for all matters, then the importance of the CBI is diminished.” Going a step further, Mala Roy said, “Right now, the BJP needs more CBI investigations for its own party. Because the BJP should first investigate how many heavyweight BJP leaders can join the grassroots in the future.”

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