Mimi Chakraborty: Corona Fake Vaccine Stomach Medicine? Anxious Mimi is going to the hospital today!

#Kolkata: MP-actress Mimi Chakraborty herself has taken the vaccine at the Vaccine Center. And that is why he is in great danger. Something else has entered the body instead of the vaccine. And so there is no end to Mimi’s worries. On Tuesday, June 22, Mimi Chakraborty was vaccinated at a vaccination center in Kasba. After that, it was found out on Wednesday that the vaccination camp was actually a fake (vaccination center). Now it is known whether the vaccine given from the camp is fake. People have been given medicine for stomach ailment called corona ticker.

Amikasin, a drug used to cure stomach ailments, was recovered from the house of Debanjan Deb, the main panda in the boo camp. Allegedly, the antibiotics were given in the vaccine. Mimi told the media that she already had liver problems. Although he has not yet had any physical problems with the fake vaccine. Yet Mimi does not want to take the risk. He will go to the hospital on Friday for a liver test on the advice of a doctor. Mimi has appealed to all those who have been vaccinated at the bogus vaccination center in Kasbar to seek medical advice. But at the same time advised not to worry unnecessarily.

On Thursday, Mimi Chakraborty once again opened her mouth about the fake vaccine camp on social media. The MP, actress has given a video message to all those who have been vaccinated from the camp. In a video message, Mimi Chakraborty said, “I have received many phone calls and messages since yesterday’s incident. How am I, many are looking for. I want to let them know I’m fine. Don’t be afraid, I hope you are healthy too. Samples of the vaccine have been sent to the lab. I will know in 4-5 days, what exactly was in it? But as far as I know, there was nothing harmful in it, but yes, there was no vaccine in it.

On the other hand, the preliminary report of the municipality comes with sensational information. In the investigation, it is estimated that no measles or BCG vaccine has been given. The vaccine made by mixing powder and liquid was given in that center. There was no manufacturing date, expiry date in any of the vaccines. There was no batch number. MP Mimi Chakraborty and many people were given the name of the liquid ticker by mixing water with the powder, this suspicion has also come up in the investigation.

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