‘Modiji’s vaccine would have been to blame if anything had happened’, says Shuvendu at Swasthya Bhavan

#Kolkata: As soon as the issue of Kasba Fake Vaccination Center came to the fore, the BJP came to the fore. On the one hand, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has complained that a vaccine syndicate is running in the state. Another leader, Sayantan Basu, demanded an investigation by the CBI. Meanwhile, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari appeared at the health building. He appeared at Swasthya Bhavan along with party MP Subhash Sarkar, MLA Hiran Chatterjee and several other MLAs. He demanded a full investigation into the incident with a memorandum to the health officials there.

The opposition leader alleged, ‘This is a big conspiracy. Should be investigated by any large agency. The CBI is a constitutional body. The CBI is qualified for this investigation. No one has died from the fake vaccine yet. But then it was said that the vaccine sent by Modiji has been the reason. We think it’s a big conspiracy. So we have to investigate. He also accused the ruling party leaders of being involved in the issue.

Before going to the health building that day, Shuvendu also spoke about the issue on Twitter. He wrote, ‘The fake IAS officer caught in the fake vaccination case in Kasba has brought to the fore the dilapidated state of the health infrastructure. An MP has been vaccinated there, so where is the security of the common man? ‘

On the other hand, state president Dilip Ghosh wrote on Facebook after firing on the grassroots, ‘The syndicate was running on other issues for so long, now the syndicate is running on vaccines. Here money is taken for SSC, TET, Civic Police jobs. Vaccines are falling, not being given, a crisis is being deliberately created. Vaccines are being sold at high prices. Among these are the hands of grassroots leaders. The fake vaccine incident is well-arranged, grassroots people are associated with it.

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