‘Pictures of Modi leaving the country with Modi, what does that mean ..’ Trinamool retaliates against vaccine scandal

#Kolkata: One after another of Devanjan Dev’s fame has started coming to light. Debanjan’s picture with several leaders of the ruling party has come out publicly. That is the source of the BJP’s claim, the grassroots leaders involved in the whole issue. A public interest litigation has already been filed in the High Court seeking a CBI probe. Meanwhile, on Friday, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari stood at the health center and complained, ‘No one has died yet with fake vaccines. But then it was said that the vaccine sent by Modiji has been the reason. We think it’s a big conspiracy. So we have to investigate with a big agency. Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh retaliated after Shuvendu’s demand. He countered, “There are pictures of Lalit Modi with Narendra Modi, silent Modi. Does that mean we can say that the Prime Minister is also behind the bank robbery? We can’t say that. ‘ The same tune is also in the words of Firhad Hakim. He said, ‘There is a picture of the Prime Minister with Mehul Choksi. Does that mean the Prime Minister helped Mehul Choksi to escape? ‘

After that, Kunal taunted Shuvendu and said, ‘Shuvendu’s statement is the headlight of the bullock cart. Whatever the CBI wants, he should be arrested before the CBI. Narad and Sarada are accused in all the cases. Does he agree to ask the CBI? However, Kunal’s comment about Devanjan Dev, ‘That person named Debanjan Dev has committed a strange crime. He must be punished accordingly. ‘

In the words of Kolkata Municipal Administrator Firhad Hakim, ‘The only crocodile in the BJP is the CBI. Here the police are looking into all aspects. Those who have committed crimes will be punished.

Meanwhile, Firhad said about the photo with Debanjan, ‘Many people take selfies when they meet me. Will I ask for a certificate then? ‘ The same tune is in the words of MLA Tapas Roy. Said, ‘I do not know this Devanjan Dev. I don’t know when or where he took the picture. ‘ Debashis Kumar also said that he did not know this person named Debanjan Dev.

However, state president Dilip Ghosh wrote on Facebook that the syndicate was running on other issues, now the syndicate is running on vaccines. Here money is taken for SSC, TET, Civic Police jobs. Vaccines are falling, not being given, a crisis is being deliberately created. Vaccines are being sold at high prices. Among these are the hands of grassroots leaders. The fake vaccine incident is well-arranged, grassroots people are associated with it.

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