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#Kolkata: Kolkata Corporation is going to submit a new proposal to the state health department regarding the distribution of vaccine after Debanjan Deb’s fake vaccine drive in Kolkata. The municipality is proposing that the health department launch a new portal, so that the list of who is giving the vaccine from now on can be found in that portal. Besides, if any new government, private or self-employed organization wants to give vaccine, they have to apply through that portal.

Atin Ghosh, a member of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Governors, put the new proposal at a municipal health meeting. In that proposal, he said, ‘If you want to do any such camp, you have to apply through that specific portal of the health department. Besides, the portal will have a list of places where vaccines are being given officially, just as there will be a list of places where vaccines are being given on private initiative.

Extensive practice has started after the news of illegal IRS officer Debanjan Dev Kasba’s corona vaccine camp came to light. Intense agitation has been created in all quarters of the administration. However, it was later learned that antibiotics were given instead of the vaccine. But initially the question arose in everyone’s mind, if the vaccine was really given then where did this vaccine come from. This is because the vaccine is only given to health buildings, government hospitals or institutions and private hospitals through certain procedures. Where, how much of a vaccine is going to the government has a detailed account. If a person wants to get vaccinated, he has to apply in a certain way.

Only if someone gets a vaccine based on it, he gets a certificate. So no one can get the vaccine they want if they want to. In the same way, if an organization wants, it cannot give the vaccine to anyone like itself. But many non-government organizations, even residential ones, are organizing vaccination camps under contracts with private hospitals. Kolkata Municipality is of the view that all parties will benefit if this portal is launched.

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