Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V train starts in Kolkata by Hetero Healthcare Ltd– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Covisheild, Co-Vaccine, Sputnik V. The Corona Vaccine was discovered somewhere in Pfizer. Different countries are trying their best to get rid of Maran virus. In India, Covishield is being given as a co-vaccine as well as the corona vaccine. Recently, the Russian-made vaccine Sputnik-V has been added to the list of coronavirus vaccines in this country.

However, in the meantime, the doctors of this country have started testing the Indian version of Sputnik V. The trial of Sputnik V Trial, developed by Hetero Healthcare Ltd, a Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company, has started at a private hospital in Kolkata. In this process, such as Russian Sputnik V is being applied to the body of a few people. On the other hand, some people are being vaccinated by Hetero. They will then be kept under observation for a specified period of time.

“The Russian-made Sputnik V is coming in very small numbers in our country. And that’s far less than our country’s demand. The huge demand for Sputnik made by Hetero can easily meet the country’s huge demand,” said Shubhbrat Bhowmick, a doctor in charge of vaccination effectiveness and trial procedures.

Doctor Shubhbrata Bhowmik also said that extreme caution is being exercised during the trial of Hetero’s Sputnik in Kolkata. Interested persons are being included in the trial process only if the report of RT-PCR Test (RT-PCR Test), Antibody Test (ECG), ECG, Chest X-ray and all other physical examination reports are found to be appropriate.

The trial phase is being completed in Kolkata, the only one in eastern India. Snigdha Bandyopadhyay, the doctor in charge of supervising and co-ordinating the trial, and Debarati, the doctor in charge, said, “Although there has been a huge response in Calcutta for Hetero’s ready Sputnik trial, in many cases they are not being included in the trial process if they fail the physical test.”

At the same time, the good news is that the corona vaccine is being administered to all those involved in the trial process. That is in some cases the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, in some cases Hetero ready Sputnik.

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