School Education Department: Resignation in the Board of Secondary Education! After 4 years got the secretary, what is the plan of the school education department?

#Kolkata: The state school education department has already started taking new plans to speed up the work of the board of secondary education in the Corona situation. Four years later, the Board of Secondary Education got a permanent secretary. The guidelines were issued on Friday by the state school education department. Professor Subrata Ghosh of Amherst Street City College has been appointed as the new Secretary of the Board of Secondary Education. Incidentally, this professor of City College has previously served as the Secretary of the Parliament of Higher Education.

This time he was appointed as the secretary of the board of secondary education. A teacher from St. Xavier’s Collegiate School has also been included in the board’s ad-hoc committee. Perhaps the decision was made to strengthen the board’s ad-hoc committee. It is also learned that the Deputy Secretary Academics of the Board of Secondary Education has been removed.

The number of secondary examinees is increasing every year. This year too, the number of secondary examinees under the Board of Secondary Education is expected to reach around 12 lakh, according to the officials of the board. In that case, the scope of work of the board is also increasing a lot. And keeping all the aspects in mind, the state school education department took a plan to reorganize the board of secondary education. That is why after four years, besides appointing a new secretary of the Board of Secondary Education, several decisions have been taken to reshuffle the administration.

According to the school education department, the board had proposed to appoint a new secretary many years ago. Finally, after 4 years, the board got a new secretary. Besides extending the term of the board committee, experts believe that the term of the board president Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay will be extended at the same time. The Board of Secondary Education has already decided on the assessment of the secondary this year. The results of the ninth class examination and the internal summative evaluation of the tenth class … in terms of these two, the students will be given this year’s secondary number.

Already most of the schools in the state have submitted ninth grade marks to the board. However, in the case of 600 schools, there have been allegations of number change. As a result, the board has set a time limit of 24 hours for the schools to submit new student numbers. In this case, the board has warned that if the number is not changed and the number is not sent, then the board may take disciplinary action against the schools. According to a section of officials, the new secretary of the board is appointed and Besides, the pace of work will increase due to more new appointments.

Somraj Banerjee

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