Snake panic in NRS! Poisonous Chandrabora is moving everywhere! Relatives of the terrified patient

#Kolkata: The century-old Sealdah NRS Medical College was bustling from Friday afternoon. It is not a matter of medical negligence or the death of a patient, but a moonshine snake bites the whole hospital.

At around 3pm on Friday, a worker inside the medical store suddenly saw a snake crawling out from under the table. When he shouted, the rest of the workers came running. It is known that the snake is a poisonous Chandrabora species. Panic spread throughout the hospital. In the meantime, an extremely brave worker hurriedly grabbed the Chandrabora snake, put it in a bottle and took it directly to the office of the hospital super. Then the news was given from there to the port office. In the evening, the Chandrabora snake was handed over to the forest department.

From the hospital staff to the relatives of many patients, this poisonous Chandrabora snake has been coming out from different parts of the hospital for the last few days. Despite repeatedly informing the hospital authorities, they remained unmoved. It has been raining for the last few days, then this poisonous Chandrabora snake is coming out from the vicinity of the huge pond inside the hospital. Relatives of the patient, who came from far and wide to different places near the pond, rest and sleep at night. Even next door was the night shelter for the patient’s relatives.

The patient’s relatives claim, “Big accidents can happen any day. It is not right to kill a snake, but the way this venomous Chandrabora snake is occasionally seen in public, we are all scared at night. The hospital authorities should contact the forest department to rescue the snakes and take them elsewhere.” Go. If one day this moonshine snake enters a patient’s ward, it will cause a serious situation. “

Incidentally, in 184, the then British government planned to build a hospital for the epidemic across the state, the final political and social pressure after the Sepoy Rebellion. Accordingly, Sealdah Municipal Hospital was built in Sealdah Market Building. In 183 it became Sealdah Medical School. It was renamed Campbell Medical School in 184 and Campbell Medical College in 1894. After gaining independence in 1950, the name of this medical college was changed to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College.


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