Surround Lalbazar with one lakh people, BJP will show ‘power’ next month

#Kolkata: Trinamool leaders are directly involved in the Kasba vaccination case. So BJP leader Sayantan Basu demanded a CBI probe into the matter. The BJP staged a protest in Kolkata on the issue of fake vaccine cycle. Sayantan Basu, MLA and Agnimitra Palra, President of Mahila Morcha were present there. But the police removed them. After that, Sayantan gave an extreme warning to the Kolkata police.

On this day, he said, ‘I will announce the date of the protest in a day or two. As long as the lockdown continues, there will be no by-election, let Mamata Banerjee know. You will no longer be the Chief Minister. Then the addition, ‘We can’t be stopped. I will besiege Lalbazar with one lakh people next month. Let’s see how much power, show it. ‘

Incidentally, Sayantan complained that if anyone had died with the fake vaccine, the Trinamool Congress would have blamed it on the Center. It was said that the Modi government had sent fake vaccines and that is why he died. Trinamool leaders and ministers are involved in the fake vaccine scandal. On the other hand, Leader of Opposition Subhendu Adhikari went to Swasthya Bhavan with MP Subhash Sarkar and MLA Hiran Chattopadhyay. The opposition leader alleged, ‘This is a big conspiracy. It has to be investigated by a big agency. The CBI is a constitutional body. The CBI is qualified for this investigation. No one has died from the fake vaccine yet. But if that were the case, it would be said, it is because of the vaccine that Modiji sent. We think it’s a big conspiracy. So we have to investigate. He also accused the ruling party leaders of being involved in the issue.

After interrogating Devanjan Dev, who was caught in a fake vaccine case in Kasba, one sensational information after another has started coming to light. Investigators have found out that Devanjan started giving fake appointment letters to Kolkata Municipality under his fake IAS identity. He stole up to Halgram. Debanjan has pictures with several leaders and ministers. BJP leaders started protesting in Kolkata in protest. When the police stopped their protest procession, they sat there and started protesting. After that Sayantan Basu warned to lay siege to Lalbazar.

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