As soon as the vaccination fraud case came to light, the administration was quick to issue strict instructions to the district magistrates. Chief Secretary meets virtually with all district magistrates over fake vaccination issue– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The main panda of Kasba vaccine forgery is fake IAS After the arrest of Debanjan, the state government has also moved. The Chief Secretary of the state has issued strict instructions to the district governors of all the districts of the state so that the people of the state do not fall prey to vaccination fraud in any way.

Corona Vaccination Centers Whether the state government takes the initiative to vaccinate people cleverly or privately, all those vaccination centers have to be approved by the administration. Centers must use an approved CVC number and and ‘cowin’ software for vaccination. Vaccines to be given must have a specific batch number and date of expiration. The district magistrates have been directed to warn all the municipalities immediately and all, whether government or private, must abide by specific protocols in vaccination.

The Health Secretary will issue a detailed advisory to this effect soon. According to sources, Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi met the district governors for the first time on Friday evening. There is a message that strict hand vaccination fraud should not be done in any way, it should be monitored. Then on Saturday he sat in the meeting again, where the matter of advisory was informed.

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