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#Kolkata: Following the tough stance of the Chief Minister, the police have added the charge of attempted murder against four people, including Debanjan Dev, who was arrested in a fake vaccination case. On this day, the court granted the application of the police Apart from Debanjan Dev, the mastermind of the fake vaccine case, police have arrested three of his associates on the same day Each has been charged with attempted murder under Section 307 along with several other sections

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is outraged over the fake vaccine scandal. According to sources, he has instructed to give exemplary punishment to everyone involved in this incident Mamata Banerjee also instructed the municipality not to give concessions to anyone involved in the scam.

After that the police activity increased further A special investigation team has already been formed into the fake vaccine case On the same day, the police alleged in the court that the manner in which the detainees, including Debanjan, had given fake vaccines to the people, there was a danger of death. Public prosecutor Saurin Ghoshal claimed that three vaccinators had already fallen ill That is why the application was made to add section 307

Police have already filed several cases against Debanjan on various charges including criminal conspiracy, fraud and forgery of government documents. Debanjan’s three accomplices have also been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including 120B, 419, 420, 48, 471 and 474.

Public Prosecutor Saurin Ghoshal said, “Two of the three people arrested by the police on this day were operating fake accounts in the name of the municipality. They also made lakhs of rupees several times We told the court from the beginning that it is not possible for one person to do this The police investigation is also proving that ‘

Police arrested three associates of Devanjan, Shantanu Manna, Sushant Das and Robin Sikder, and produced them in court. It is alleged that Shantanu and Robin’s names were used in the fake bank account opened in the name of the municipality. Debanjan’s three accomplices were remanded in custody for 14 days by the police The court has ordered the police custody of the detainees till July 2

Dhrita’s lawyer Subrata Sardar, however, countered that many influential people were involved in the incident. He complained, “After the investigation, the police see that the truth is that the worms will actually come out in Keute while digging.” So there is an attempt to divert the case.

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