BJP MP Babul Supriyo and Locket Chatterjee attacked TMC on Fake IAS issue ‘What is the motivation behind vaccine forgery?’, Asked Babul! He also played the locket – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: With the Kasba Fake Vaccination camp, the state politics is in full swing. Incidents like vaccine fraud and the subsequent fake IAS (Fake IAS Debanjan Deb) Debanjan Deb’s pictures with various leaders and ministers on social media pages have multiplied the heat. On the one hand the ruling camp in such discomfort. Similarly, the main opposition BJP, which has been pushed into electoral collapse, has found a new tool of criticism. BJP leaders fired one cannon after another. Asansol MP and Union Minister Babul Supriyo took the incident to the grassroots leaders and ministers.

Babul Supriyo, who accused the Trinamool leader of being close to the ministers and falsely accused IAS Debanjan Deb, said, He also demanded to take appropriate action after investigating the incident.

Asansol BJP MP and Union Minister Babul Supriya has attacked the Trinamool by posting a tweet. In his post, Babul writes, “Who are these people with Devanjan Dev who was caught in the fake IAS Sage Kasbay vaccine case?” See if you can recognize a little better! ?? Is that ‘inspiration’ working behind such a big fraud? !!! It’s just the tip of the iceberg! This fraud is not impossible without the help of Raghav Boals

On the other hand, like Babul, BJP MP Locket Chatterjee has also been vocal about the fake vaccine scandal. To the tune of the party’s state president Dilip Ghosh, Lockett has demanded a white paper on vaccines from the state government. In his words, “the state government should know the number of vaccines received in the state.”

Locket Chatterjee, an MP from Hughli, has spoken out against the fake vaccine scandal by joining the Black Day sit-in at the corner of Chunchura on Friday. On this day, he said, ‘So many people have been given fake vaccines. Their lives have been played with. If anything happens to this vaccine, will the government take the responsibility?

He claimed, ‘We will know through RTI how many vaccines have reached the government. How many vaccines have been given in any center. How much is in stock. Let the government publish a white paper on this issue .’‌ He further demanded, ‘Corruption is going on with the vaccine. Who else is behind such a big vaccine scandal needs to be found out immediately. Moreover, it should be investigated whether poison is being injected into the vial of the vaccine

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