Deployed radaf, strict surveillance! Security cordoned off the health building to quell the protests

# Saltlake: Security was already enhanced This time the security at the health building premises was further enhanced due to the fake vaccine case The Electronics Complex Police Station in Salt Lake has already been notified The move is believed to be prompted by fears of BJP protests over the fake vaccine scandal.

RAF 7 has been deployed in the health building since this day A guard rail has been set up in front of the gate of the health building to prevent any protest

Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari suddenly appeared at the health building on Friday demanding a full investigation into the fake vaccine scandal. Arriving at the health building, he went straight to the health secretary’s house After that, the security of the health building was tightened This is done to ensure that no one can enter the health building unnecessarily or without a pre-arranged appointment.

But even after that, there were fears of protests outside the health building Thus, section 144 is stored in the health building Somehow, so that no protests are organized outside the health building, that’s why CCTV footage of the health building is also being closely monitored The BJP has so far been the most vocal in the fake vaccine scandal Shuvendu Adhikari has demanded a CBI probe As a result, the BJP has taken this precautionary measure in fear of protests, according to health building sources.

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